Academic staff (Email All)
Name Office Phone Email mail Web Page Research Topic
K.C. Carrière CAB 437 webpage
  • Optimal repeated measurement designs, Methods for missing data, Multiple imputations, Small area variation, Mathematical Statistics
B. Jiang CAB 435 webpage
  • Methods for Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Health Outcome Data, Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling, Mixture Modeling Functional and Imaging Data Analysis, Kernel Machine Regression/Classification, Bayesian Support Vector Machine
R.J. Karunamuni CAB 443 webpage
  • Efficient and robust inference for parametric & semiparametric models, variable selection and high-dimensional data problems.
A. Kashlak CAB 433 webpage
  • Non-Asymptotic Statistics, High Dimensional & Functional Data, Concentration Inequalities, Nonparametric Statistics, Mathematical Statistics
H. Kolacz CAB 427
L. Kong CAB 431 webpage
  • Functional and Neuroimaging data analysis; Robust statistics and Quantile regression; Statistical machine learning.
S. Lele CAB 423 webpage
  • Statistics, Spatial Statistics, Foundations of Statistical Inference, Applications in Ecology and Public Health
L. Li CAB 425
I. Mizera CAB 441 webpage
  • Statistics and Probability
D.P. Wiens CAB 429 webpage
  • Robust methods, particularly as applied to Experimental Design; Applied probability
Adjunct professors
Name Office Phone Email mail Web Page Research Topic
D. Broadhurst (780) 492-2142
I. Cribben (780) 248-1930
B. Franczak (780) 497-4120 webpage
  • Cluster analysis, classification, mixture modelling, mixtures of asymmetric distributions, imputation
S. Ghosh (780) 577-8075
G. Heo (780) 492-1332 webpage
  • Applied Computational Topology, Applied functional Data Analysis, High Dimensional Data Analysis
John C. Lind webpage
K.W. NG (852) 3917-1985 webpage
  • Foundation of inference. Converse of Bayes' Theorem and applications. Distribution theory. Actuarial and financial risk. Applications of asymptotic theory. Multivariate analysis. Linear models. Data mining & Informatics.
R.J. Rosychuk (780) 492-0318 webpage
Y. Yasui (780) 492-4220
Faculty and Sessional lecturer
Name Office Phone Email mail Web Page Research Topic
P. Cartledge CAB 407
R. Fok CAB 485 webpage
M. Kowalski CAB 487 webpage
A. Simchi CAB 587 webpage
G. Wagner CAB 522
H. Yahya CAB 471
Professors emeritus
Name Office Phone Email mail Web Page Research Topic
E. Gombay webpage
  • Mathematical Statistics
P.M. Hooper webpage
  • Multivariate analysis, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics
N.G.N. Prasad webpage
  • Small Area Estimation, Mixed Effects Models, Survey Sampling, Jackknife and Bootstrap
Postdoctoral fellows
Name Office Phone Email mail Web Page Research Topic
Graduate students (Email all)
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