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Parent Directory - comparison of nonlinear height-diameter functions for major alberta species_addendum.pdf 16-Mar-2018 15:25 7.2M robust design for approximately linear regression; m-estimated parameters_tr.pdf 16-Mar-2018 15:16 8.7M a note on the computation of robust, bounded influence estimates and test statistics in regression_addendum.pdf 16-Mar-2018 15:04 11M distributions minimizing fisher information for scale in kolmogorov neighbourhoods_tr.pdf 16-Mar-2018 14:53 2.9M on the choice of support of re-descending psi-functions in linear models with asymmetric error distributions_tr.pdf 16-Mar-2018 14:50 3.6M minimax properties of m-, r-, and l-estimators of location in levy neighbourhoods_addendum.pdf 15-Mar-2018 11:51 9.4M one-step M-estimators in the linear model, with dependent errors_addendum.pdf 13-Mar-2018 19:44 6.9M TR S129.pdf 17-Sep-2014 09:19 171K correction factors for F-ratios in nonlinear regression_addendum.pdf 28-Jun-2008 16:22 6.2M robust designs for 3d shape analysis with spherical harmonic descriptors_tr.pdf 29-Jun-2007 12:16 227K orderstats_addendum.pdf 20-Jan-2006 10:14 125K optimal robust methods for prediction and design in spatial studies_tr.pdf 26-May-2004 13:32 384K restricted minimax robust designs for misspecified regression models_addendum.pdf 07-Apr-2004 11:16 389K robust designs for approximately polynomial regression_addendum.pdf 07-Apr-2004 11:15 222K 07-Apr-2004 11:13 62K manual.pdf 07-Apr-2004 11:13 438K on deleting influential responses under a model of asymmetric errors in regression_addendum.pdf 07-Apr-2004 11:06 693K