Statistics 337


  1. The labs in Stat 337 will start on Tuesday, September 11, 2018. The two-hour lab sessions will be held once a week. Each student should be registered in a lab section corresponding to their lecture group. You will be using SPSS 24 in Windows 7 environment.
  2. You are expected to keep a backup of your lab work both on your personal portable storage device ( USB Flash drive, zip drive) and in your home directory on the ISTcampus file system (called AFS). Using a single storage device may lead to loss of data when the disk is damaged or corrupted, you will not be excused in this case! In order to access your AFS home directory, you will have to enter your Campus Computing ID (CCID) and your password.
  3. The Introductory Lab: Doing Statistics with SPSS will be discussed In the first lab session. You will learn the basic features of SPSS that are essential for the labs. The lab instructor will be on duty to provide assistance when requested. The students are not required to submit any work in the lab session.
Statistical Laboratories Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta