Statistics 337

Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)

  1. AICT is piloting a new service for computer labs that allows students to access specialized software running on the University server from their own computers or from a computer lab on campus.  At this time, the service is available for students in Stat 252 and Stat 337 using SPSS in their statistics laboratories. Students can access the service immediately (if the number of users using the software at this particular time does not exceed the number of licenses purchased by the University).

  2. In order to access the service, students in those courses need a valid University of Alberta computing account, and a computer with internet connection. Your local machine should also have a Remote Desktop Connection (most Windows computers have this software already installed; in particular, it is included in Windows 7, Vista and XP Professional). 

  3. To start the reservation process:
  4. Login to the VCL service at using your campus computing ID (this is the same one you use to access the Google Gmail service). See the instructions to access the server.

    If you have any problems connecting to the Xen VCL, please contact the IST Service Desk at 7804929400 or


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