Statistics 252

Lab Exam Information

The lab exam will be held on Wednesday, August 15 at 16:15-18:15 PM in your regular lab rooms, X51 (CAB 345), X52 (CAB 341), and X53 (CAB 335), and X54 (CAB 331)

The details will be provided in class before the exams.

When a student is absent from the lab exam without acceptable excuse, a raw score of zero will be assigned for the missed exam. Only those students who, because of incapacitating illness, severe domestic affliction or other compelling reasons have missed the exam are granted an excused absence. In this case, a student will be required to write a make-up exam or the weight for the exam will be transferred to the final exam. For details, please refer to the course outline.


Statistical Laboratories Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta