Statistics 252

Due Dates

Due Date
Introductory Lab
Jan. 10- 16
No work to be submitted.
Jan. 17- 23
Wednesday, Jan. 30, by 10 PM
Jan. 31- Feb. 6 Wednesday, Feb. 13, by 10 PM
Feb. 14- Feb. 27
Wednesday, March 13, by 10 PM
March 14- 20 Wednesday, March 27, by 10 PM
March 28- April 3 Wednesday, April 10 , by 10 PM

The assignments should be submitted to the wooden boxes outside CAB 331/335 by the due date. There are 12 slots allotted for Stat 252, each of them labelled with the name of the lab instructor and the section number. Students should make sure that they put their lab assignment into the correct slot.

Students should submit assignments with a cover sheet that contains only their name (with the surname written in all capital letters), course section, and lab assignment number. The student ID number should not appear on the cover sheet (FOIPP act). The assignments must be typewritten.

Sample Cover Page

Late or misplaced lab assignments will not be graded and will result in a zero recorded for that assignment.

A student who cannot complete a lab assignment because of an incapacitating illness, severe domestic affliction or other compelling reasons can apply to their course instructor for a transfer of the weight of the missed lab to the final exam. The application should be made within 48 hours of the missed lab assignment due date.


Statistical Laboratories Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta