Statistics 235

Lab Exam Information

1. The lab exam will be held in the week of December 4- December 7, 2018. It will be a one-hour multiple-choice closed book exam held in the lab room during regular lab session.

2. Each student must write the lab exam in their lab section.

3. In each version of the exam students will be provided with a data set (to be downloaded) and asked to answer a series of questions about the data. In particular, you will have to generate the appropriate Excel output to answer each question. The exam is based on the statistical techniques and material covered in the Stat 235 laboratories. Students are strongly advised to review the techniques discussed in the lab instructions and lab assignments before the exam.

4. There is no deferred lab exam. The students who missed the lab exam for a valid reason should apply to their course instructors for a transfer of the weight of the missed lab exam to the final exam. The application should be made within 48 hours of the missed lab exam date.

5. Students are required to have their ONE-CARD in the exam.

6. Sample lab exams with the corresponding data files are available on the Stat 235 Laboratories web site (click Lab Exam Bank)

7. During lab exam you are forbidden to use the network for any purpose other than retrieval of the data set for your version of the exam and the required applications (Excel). You are also forbidden to use floppy disks, zip disks or CD-ROMs during the exam. Calculators and any wireless devices with communication capabilities including cellphones and palms are not permitted in the exam.

9. The lab exam for students requiring special accomodations as a result of disability will be administered by SAS. SAS students should make the exam arrangements with SAS.

Statistical Laboratories Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta