Statistics 151


    The statistical software package StatCrunch version 5.0 will be used in lab assignments. Statcrunch is a web-based statistical application containing all statistical features covered in introductory statistics courses.

    The software is available to Stat 151 students in two versions: Classic StatCrunch that can be accessed from Stat 151 Labs website and New StatCrunch that can be accessed from MyStatLab website. As Classic StatCrunch uses Java, its performance may be seriusly affected by Java local security settings and should be used only by those students who have no access to MyStatLab.

    The New StatCrunch works on all platforms including your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Those students who do not use MyStatLab for their homework are encouraged to use Classic StatCrunch on their home computers or in one the following campus labs: CAB 331, 335, 341 or 345.

    The instructions below are for Classic version of the software. The Classic StatCrunch can be launched by clicking on the link "StatCrunch" on Stat 151 Labs webpage. As StatCrunch license is restricted to University of Alberta students, staff and faculty only, a password is required to access the application. The password will be provided by the course instructor in the first lecture. Classic version of the software may not run on some computers (especially those with MAC OS) due to Java local security settings.

    Classic StatCrunch should run on Windows computers without problems and it only has the minimal requirement of a Java-capable Web browser.

    Your browser might not have Java enabled, or you might not have Java installed on your computer. First, make sure that Java is enabled in your browser. If you do not have a Java-enabled browser, you will probably see a gray box which may or may not have a red x in it after logging in to StatCrunch. In order to check whether your browser is java -enabled, click Start button on your desktop, then Control Panel, and Java. The Java Control Panel will be displayed with the status of Java in your browser.

    To enable Java in your browser, click on the following link:

    How to enable Java in your web browser?

    If you do not have Java installed on your computer, you will need to download and install it before you will be able to enable Java in your browser. Click on the link below to install the most recent version of Java to your computer:

    Though StatCrunch can be used with any web browser, the recommended browsers for Windows computers are: Mozilla Firefox and Safari. For Mac computers Chrome is recommended.

    What to do when Classic StatCrunch does not run though Java is installed?

    Starting with Java 7 Update 51, Java's developer has further enhanced security to make the user system less vulnerable to any external exploits. In particular, Java does not allow users to run applications that are not signed (unsigned) or that are missing permission properties. The application without an appropriate certificate is blocked by default.

    As StatCrunch does not possess the permission attributes, it may be blocked on any home computers, laptops etc. . In order to avoid StatCrunch to be blocked by those security settings, the users should add the following link


    to the Exception Site List  (Control Panel, Java, Java Control Panel, Security). (see the link).

    In Mozilla Firefox after clicking on the StatCrunch link the users should click on the link "Acivate Java". You will receive Security Warning dialog box "Do you want to run this application?". Select the box "I accept the risk and want to run this application" and click the "Run" button.



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