Statistics 151

Due Dates

Help Sessions
Due Date
Intro Lab
Self study
Introduction to StatCrunch. No work to be submitted. See also the videos.
Sept. 26- 28
Monday, Oct. 1, by 5 PM
Oct. 17- 19
Monday, Oct. 22, by 5 PM
Nov. 7- 9
Monday, Nov. 19, by 5 PM
Nov. 28-30
Friday, Dec. 7, by 5 PM

The assignments should be submitted to the wooden box outside CAB 331/335 by the due date. There are 8 slots allotted for Stat 151, each of them labelled with the name of the course instructor.

Groups should submit assignments with a cover sheet that contains the names of all group members (with the surnames written in all capital letters, the leader’s name bolded), course section, group number and lab assignment number. The assignments must be typewritten. All pages should be properly stapled.

Group Work Guidelines

Google Docs Help

Sample Cover Page

Late or misplaced lab assignments will not be graded and will result in a zero recorded for that assignment.


Statistical Laboratories Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta