Rudolph and Lydia Schmuland

Rudolph Schmuland

Rudolph Schmuland was born January 8 1888 in Manitoba. He came with his parents to Wetaskiwin in 1891. On June 17 1909 he married Lydia Feldberg, daughter of Gustav and Ernstine Feldberg. Lydia had just turned seventeen. The wedding took place at St. John's Lutheran church west of Wetaskiwin and the bridal dress was light green.

On July 25 1911 Rudolph bought a farm (NE 1/4 Sec 3 T45 R24 W4) near his father's. On March 17 1917 this land was sold to Victor Erickson, who was still farming there some sixty years later. The Schmulands rented a farm not far from their old one.

Rudolph wasn't keen on farming so they later moved to town. Lydia died on October 26 1932 after an operation, and Rudolph lived in the Wetaskiwin area until his death on September 23 1973.

Rudolph Schmuland Born: January 8 1888 Manitoba
Died: September 23 1973 Wetaskiwin
Married: June 17 1909 Wetaskiwin
Lydia Feldberg Born: May 11 1892 Wetaskiwin
Died: October 26 1932 Wetaskiwin

Edward Born: February 6 1912 Wetaskiwin
Died: September 26 1976 Victoria
Gordon Born: April 16 1918 Wetaskiwin
Died: June 15 1971 Wetaskiwin
Norman Born: September 23 1921 Wetaskiwin

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