Gustav Schmuland

Gustav Schmuland

Gustav Schmuland was born January 13 1908 in Wetaskiwin. He worked with his father Julius until 1928, when Julius moved to town. Then Gustav moved to Edberg where he operated a garage. When his father moved out to a farm near Hobemma, Gustav gave up his garage and went to help his father.

It was while he was in this area that he met and married Elsie Schmidt. They moved back with Julius to his farm near Wetaskiwin, and when Julius died in 1945, Gustav took over the farming operation.

In 1973 they retired and moved out to British Columbia. They are currently living near Kelowna.

Gustav Schmuland January 13 1908 Wetaskiwin
Elsie Schmidt February 13 1913 St. Joseph

Kathleen Bernice April 10 (?) 1931 Wetaskiwin
  August 16 1931 Wetaskiwin
Lloyd Ernest July 11 1933 Wetaskiwin
Marie Agnes October 12 1936 Wetaskiwin
Jean Clara September 16 1939 Wetaskiwin
  March 21 1941 Wetaskiwin
Jerry August August 11 1941 Wetaskiwin
  December 2 1941 Wetaskiwin

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