Gustav and Pauline Schmuland

Gustav Schmuland

Gustav Schmuland was born on March 1 1885 in Zhitomir, Volynhia (near Kiev) just prior to his family's emigration to Canada. Upon arrival in Wetaskiwin in 1891 he attended Bears Hill school for one winter, and in his words, only got up to the "CAT-SAT-HAT" book. At about the age of eighteen he began to realize the importance of knowing how to read and write so took it upon himself to learn it. He began studying at home staying up until he taught himself. He also studied math, in which he was especially interested.

Gus' first land (NW 1/4 Sec 3 T45 R24 W4) was near his father's, and he worked with his father at that time.

On July 28 1909, Gus married Pauline Liske, daughter of Ludwig Liske and Christine Schmidtke. Sometime after their marriage they bought a section and two fractions, near the Bull Indian reserve, from the Indian Department, in order to be closer to Pauline's parents. (According to the Land Title, their old land was sold to Jacob Wolter on September 30 1912).

Gustav got along really well with his Indian neighbors out there. He recalls Chief Ermineskin as a very friendly fellow who was always ready to shake your hand. Also you could leave your house with the door unlocked without worrying in those days. Gus farmed there for fifty years. He enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss and also working outdoors. Eventually Gus sold his land and moved to the Lutheran Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wetaskiwin. On Sunday December 3 1967, he began regularly attending the Bethlehem Lutheran church in town.

Gustav lived to the age of 99, and was active and friendly right up until his death in 1984. Much of the Schmuland family history comes from visits that I made with him in 1979 and 1980.

Gustav Schmuland Born: March 1 1885 Zhitomir, Volyhnia
Died: September 2 1984 Wetaskiwin
Married: June 28 1909 Wetaskiwin
Pauline Liske Born: 1888 Lublin, Poland
Died: March 21 1973 Edmonton

Alma Born: August 23 1910 Wetaskiwin
Arnold Otto Born: December 21 1911 Wetaskiwin
Died: 1969 Wetaskiwin
Bernard Paul Born: January 21 1913 Wetaskiwin
Elsa BerthaBorn: October 6 1914 Wetaskiwin
Myrtle Born: June 27 1916 Wetaskiwin
William Born: July 24 1918 Wetaskiwin
Pauline Hilda Born: March 12 1920 Wetaskiwin
Helene Josephine Born: May 6 1922 Wetaskiwin
Died: October 3 1927 Wetaskiwin
Alfred E. Born: May 2 1924 Wetaskiwin
Died: June 23 1952 Wetaskiwin
Ivy Gertrude Born: May 18 1927 Wetaskiwin
Gertrude Margaretha Born: April 28 1930 Wetaskiwin

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