Fred Schmuland

Fred Schmuland was born March 2 1897 in Wetaskiwin. He attended Bears Hill school until grade 3, which ended his formal education. On February 7 1923 he married Mary Buskas, daughter of Christian Buskas and Anna Knutas (also half-sister of John Buskas, his brother- in- law).

He farmed in various places, for example, when his daughter Alice was born in 1928, he was in Lacombe. In 1931 they moved out to Kamloops, B.C. as Fred had heard that the economic situation was better there. Here two children, Allan and Doris, were born to him and his wife.
But the economic situation was really no better there so they returned to the Wetaskiwin area in 1933, farming on Andrew Schmulands old farm. In 1952 he moved up to the Peace River area to homestead. When a fire wiped him out in 1956, he returned to the Wetaskiwin area, where he spent the rest of his life.

A farming accident while mowing grass along the ditch left him deaf in one ear. Another accident occurred when he was cleaning paint brushes and his clothing caught fire. This forced him to spend several months in the hospital undergoing skin grafts.

Mary died on June 23 1972 and Fred died April 10 1976.

Fred Schmuland Born: March 2 1897 Wetaskiwin
Died: April 10 1976 Wetaskiwin
Married: February 7 1923Wetaskiwin
Mary Buskas Born:July 30 1895Schwedendorf
Died: June 23 1972Wetaskiwin

Kenneth Stanley December 19 1923 Wetaskiwin
Robert William Born: August 9 1925 Wetaskiwin
Died: January 5 1929 Wetaskiwin
Alice Eileen October 9 1928 Lacombe area
Doris Margaret July 30 1931 Kamloops, B.C
Allan Edward October 1 1932 Kamloops, B.C.

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