Ferdinand and Louise Schmuland

Ferdinand Schmuland

Ferdinand Schmuland was born in June 1883 in the "old country", probably in Volynhia. He came to Canada with his father in 1885 and to Wetaskiwin in 1891. On August 1 1907, he married eighteen year old Louise Charlotte Kaiser, daughter of Adam Kaiser and Caroline Tworduwski.

After his marriage, he moved to two miles west of Wetaskiwin to farm the land that they received as a wedding present from Adam Kaiser. With a growing family, Ferdinand wanted more land, so he sold his farm for $17,000 and bought the Riverside Farm in Battle River, south east of Wetaskiwin. They brought 100 cattle and 40 horse to their new farm on which a comfortable log house has been built, and which had a large 108 foot barn.

Here disaster struck. In the first year there his crop was hailed out, and in the second year it was killed by drought. These weather conditions combined with depressed prices and a hidden mortgage wiped them out. They moved to a farm five miles north west of Wetaskiwin and Ferdinand lived there until his death on November 1 1931. He was buried on November 3 at St. John's Lutheran church, two miles west of Wetaskiwin.

Mrs. Schmuland was remarried, to Arnold Dous on October 24 1935. Towards the end of her life she stayed with her son Ferdinand, and she died on November 27 1963.

Ferdinand Schmuland Born: June 1883 Russia
Died: November 1 1931 Wetaskiwin
Married: August 1 1907 Wetaskiwin
Louise Kaiser Born: 1889 (?) Manitoba
Died: November 27 1963

Heinrich Andreas Born: June 2 1908 Wetaskiwin
Died: July 24 1932 Millet
Paul Born: February 1 1910 Wetaskiwin
Died: November 24 1961 Leduc
Ferdinand Otto Born: August 27 1911 Wetaskiwin
Marie Louisa VictoriaBorn: October 20 1913 Wetaskiwin
Heida Born: December 27 1915 Wetaskiwin
Died: 1965
Annie Born: January 28 1918 Wetaskiwin
John Arthur Born: April 23 1920 Wetaskiwin
Laura Born: Wetaskiwin
Mable Born: Wetaskiwin
Hilda Margaretha Born: July 17 1926 Wetaskiwin
Lillian Irene Born: May 23 1928 Wetaskiwin
Violet Born: January 27 1930 Wetaskiwin
Died: November 1981

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